Jessica Ryan 

Child & Family Consultant

Independent OOHC Assessments

The assessment frameworks and tools currently offered include; Parenting Assessments, Guardianship Assessments, Restoration Assessments, Foster & Kinship Carer Assessments, and Carer Reviews.

In the current COVID-19 climate, the service delivery for OOHC Assessments remains flexible. A number of service delivery changes have been made, including after business hours appointments, to accommodate your assessment needs.

For more information about OOHC assessments, you can download our OOHC Information Booklet here, or contact us directly.

Family Group Conference

Family Group Conferencing



We must remember that families, are resourceful, and can make decisions for themselves.

Family Group Conferencing (FGC), is a strategy to facilitate child-focused and family-led decision making. During FGC's, families are supported by a neutral, facilitator, who mediates discussions, to support families developing a Family Plan. The Family Plan should address the 'bottom-line' or 'non-negotiables'of an agency, or organisation while identifying, implementable strategies for families, to support them in keeping their children safe, and at home. 

Statistically, families are more likely to adhere to an action plan they have developed, as opposed to a plan developed by an agency. 86% of families report that throughout the FGC process, was the first time they felt 'heard' or 'consulted.'

Professional Development

Welcommunity offers a range of short courses and workshops available to individuals and organisations. Currently, our most popular courses include; Understanding Trauma, Trauma-Informed Practice, Supporting Children with Multiple Diagnosis and Positive Discipline Strategies.


All courses are available for completion by individuals through our online portal, or delivered in a face-to-face learning environment, to accommodate a larger group of participants.


We offer both individual, and group supervision, as well as both once-off consultations, and ongoing sessions. Supervision can be delivered face-to-face or through web-based communication systems such as Microsoft Teams, or Skype.

In the Human Service Industry, Supervision is an essential tool used to uphold our commitment to the currency of our knowledge and skills, and the ongoing professional, and practice development of individuals, and teams. 

For more information about professional supervision, please click here, to download our Supervision Information Booklet. For further information or enrolment, please contact us directly. 

Critical Incident Debriefing 

Following the event of a critical incident, it is pivotal to the ongoing learning and professional development of staff, and the continuous improvement of procedures and services, that individuals, and teams are given the forum to unpack incidents and understand the events as they occurred. 

Quality incident debriefing should not aim to appoint blame or justify the causes of incidents. The purpose of critical incident debriefing is to understand processes and the way in which challenges are perceived, and responded too.


Quality incident debriefing, should occur regularly, in a timely manner following a significant incident, including all team members, and support the ongoing learning and professional development of staff.


For more information about Critical Incident Debriefing, please click here, or contact us directly. 

Service Locations

Welcommunity services the central-west, and far-west areas of New South Wales.

Our service locations include; Orange, Dubbo, Parkes, West Wyalong, Forbes, and everywhere in-between!

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