Business Development Training

Below are a list of training courses currently offered by Welcommunity. These courses can be undertaken individually through our education portal. Alternatively, these courses can be delivered to a group in your workplace or purchased from us for a representative from your workplace to deliver at a time that suits you. For more information on our courses, course content or training delivery, please contact us.

Show Leadership In The Workplace

Effective leadership in the workplace that promotes team unity, supports the team dynamic and continuously improves team culture is a concept that is well-known, but not always well executed. Leadership often gets overridden by management strategies that focus on benchmarking. Quality leadership within a workplace is fundamental to reducing staff turnover, improving team culture and moral and increasing the quality of service delivery.

Showing Leadership in the Workplace focuses on developing new leadership frameworks, not just for managers, but for all employees. It promotes skill building and creating a positive and healthy social learning environment within the workplace.

Implement Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement requires adequate resources and the effective management of resources within a workplace. Continuous Improvement relates to the quality and sometimes the quantity of employees, a commitment to training and professional development and a commitment to analysing and evaluating frameworks for practice and practice standards.

This training has multiple delivery methods and is designed to help new and existing businesses and organisations develop effective and manageable continuous improvement plans and strategies. The outcomes of this training can be used to implement continuous improvement as it relates to: staff, training, customer service standards, service user satisfaction as well as the evaluation of current policies and procedures.

Promote Innovation In The Workplace

Innovation in the workplace should not be a top-down concept and in fact, the strongest sources of innovative ideas are often frontline employees. Innovation and the development of new practices, strategies, policies and procedures is healthy at every level, but innovation that is implementable and that achieves desired outcomes is sometimes 'hit-and-miss.'

This training aims to spark innovation in your workplace and encourage employees, at every level to participate in the continuous generation of new thoughts and ideas. Innovation that is encouraged from leaders and managers creates a team that are willing to go that extra mile.

Improve Team Culture and Morale

Improving team culture and morale is a key focus area of maintaining professionalism, sparking innovation and improving service delivery. Improving Team Culture and Morale provides businesses and organisations with implementable strategies to effectively respond to the dynamics within a workplace and improve team unity and effectiveness to enhance your service delivery and service user satisfaction.

Effectively Contributing to a Disciplinary Team

Multi-disciplinary teams provide invaluable scope and depth to a workplace and provide increased opportunity for innovation and business growth. Multi-disciplinary teams provide workplaces with a unique opportunity to gain greater perspective on; roles, resource management, practice frameworks and standards for practice. 

This training aims to highlight the importance and the significance of a multi-displinary teams while also surfacing the challenges that a multi-displinary team can present. This training encompasses the unique business growth and development opportunities available to workplaces who have a varying dynamic in their workplace and how to encourage individuals to rise to their full potential and improve service delivery.

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