Welcommunity facilitates both professional, and practice supervision, as well as Supervision for individuals, and groups. External supervision aims to focus on the ongoing development of professionals who lead and manage teams or oversee the practice of other Human Service Professionals. Supervisors will work with you to develop your professional vision for practice and support you to further develop your professional identity. Your specific goals for supervision and particular areas of development will be identified in your free, discovery session.

Practice supervision is specifically designed for professionals practicing within the field of Human Services. Your supervisor will work with you to further advance your knowledge and skills within your specialist role. Practice supervision focuses on key practice principles and supports Clinicians to embed theory into everyday practice with clients. Your specific goals for supervision will be identified in your free, pre-enrolment discovery session.

Standard frequency for Supervision is one, one-hour session, every month. If you require more or less sessions, please reflect your supervision needs on your enrolment form, and we will aim to accommodate you.

To register yourself, or your team, please contact us directly. 

September Special Offer: PRE-PAY 10 Supervision sessions & receive 10% OFF your total booking fee.






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