Education & Welfare Industry Training

Welcommunity offers a range of short courses and training workshops specifically designed for education, training and welfare industries. For for more information in relation to course content, please download the information package available from this page. For further information, please contact us.

Trauma Training

66% of young people report experiencing at least 1 traumatic even in their lives before the age of 16. If part of your profession is working with young people, you will want to understand the impact of psychological trauma on the development of young people. This introductory course will cover psychological trauma and the impact trauma can have on the development and functioning of the brain.

Trauma - Informed Care

With psychological trauma becoming more prevalent within the lives of our younger generation, learning specific intervention strategies is a key focus area for the professional development of people who dedicate their lives to working with children. This training aims to ensure our professionals are trauma-informed and can implement effective strategies in order to improve outcomes for young people who have experienced trauma. 

NOTE: This training can be combined with Trauma Training to create an all-day workshop.

Crisis Intervention Strategies

Young people who have experienced trauma often exhibit challenging behaviour and have complex needs. Crisis intervention training provide participants with basic knowledge surrounding trauma and the impact trauma has on the behaviour of young people. Psychological trauma often results in everyday life situations becoming a crisis for young people and we must understand that a young person who has experienced trauma, has a brain that is survival-focused - It is focused on protecting that child from threatening stimuli, it is not focused on cognitive developement or higher-order thinking. This training provides participants with intervention strategies to help young people cope with every day life situations and consequences in ways in which enhance the healing of young people and the development of their brain.

Managing Behaviours of Concern

This course will provide you the knowledge and skills to identify behaviours of concern in young and people and adults and respond effectively in a professional environment. The skills developed in this course can  also be applied in social environments whereby you might be a bystander.

An Introduction to Gender Dysphoria 

Gender Dysphoria is becoming more prevalent within our communities, within our schools and in our homes. Despite this, little is known about Gender Dysphoria in terms of causes, and the impact of the condition on the lives of people who are diagnosed. This training provides up-to-date and relevant information in relation to Gender Dysphoria and how it impacts the lives on the individual and what it means for the community around them. This is an introductory course for individuals who want to learn more about the condition as well as schools and organisations who engage with people who are living with Gender Dysphoria.

Post - Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD and psychotic spectrum disorders present unique barriers for professionals. With PTSD the second most common diagnosed mental health disorder in Australia, it is imperative that educators and welfare workers are equipped with the knowledge base and skill set in order to engage, teach and support young people who are living with PTSD.

Mental Health Examinations

Mental health examinations are primarily conducted by psychologists or paediatricians but monitoring mental health plans is everybody's business. If part of your profession requires you to engage or support young people in their development, you are required to maintain your commitment to the duty of care of your clients or service users. This training provides professionals with the knowledge base and skill set to recognise mental health conditions, high risk behaviour and implement care plans for children who are diagnosed with a mental health condition. Part of this training includes reporting behaviour that is relevent to a young person and their mental health care plan and form partnerships with other organisations involved in the lives of young people in order to ensure they get the most out of their treatment.

Cultural Capbility and Cultural Safety

We all know Australia is a multi-cultural country, however are our frameworks for practice culturally safe? 
This course will lead you through interconnected cultural capabilities in order to deliver culturally safe practice on an individual and organisation level. This training encompasses cultural identity, cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity and cultural immersion in order to develop a strong knowledge base for improving  service delivery for all.

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