About Welcommunity

About Welcommunity 

Welcommunity is a  community-based organisation operating in New South Wales. Welcommunity was founded with the intention of building stronger and more resilient communities through positive community engagement and creating healthy social learning environments for us all to learn and grow.

Our Work 

Training and Professional Development

Welcommunity provides a number of education and growth opportunities for individuals and organisations in New South Wales.

We provide a number of training opportunities for individuals who want to increase their understanding of key issues that effect their children, their families and their communities. 

We also provide courses where individuals can access short courses online and participate in professional development. Welcommunity provides an online portal for individuals to increase their awareness of particular issues relevant to their industry, expand on their knowledge and build relevant skills to enhance frameworks for practice.

Additionally, Welcommunity has a number of professional development courses and workshops that can be delivered within the workplace.  We understand that training all employees can be costly and time consuming and so Welcommunity offer a range of courses that can be purchased and delivered by your organisation a time that
suits you. 


For more information on training, professional development and delivery options, please contact us. 

Community Development

Welcommunity is committed to ensuring that our communities are a safe space for us all and that we have the resources available to us to meet our needs. 

Welcommunity takes the lead on advocating for those who are vulnerable within our communities to ensure that our local areas remain a place where we can all live and thrive together.

We regularly facilitate community catch-ups that are free of charge. Often, events target a new focus groups in order to create a safe environment for like-minded people to come together, form new support networks and enjoy a light snack provided by us. 

Previous community catch-ups have involved:

Mums + Bubs, Single-Parents, Bawlers and Crawlers and families.

Additionally, Welcommunity facilitates gold-coin donation workshops that are aimed at cover a range of topics such as; finding employment, resourcing services for vulnerable community members, petitioning local governments for funding grants and services locally and much more!

How to become involved?

If you would like to attend one of our community events, please contact us or keep an eye on our social media pages for upcoming events.

If you would like to sponsor one of our events or donate your time/services to help us at our next community event, please contact me directly, by clicking here.

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